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Mas YouthMAS methodology and programs have always attracted Muslim youth. And after a short transition period, MAS is once again a hub for youth who aspire to fulfill all their potential and who are not satisfied with occasional and/or nominal participation in Islamic (community) activities/functions: those who subscribe to the belief that reform (enjoying what is good and forbidding what is evil) is an essential part of Islam and is both mandatory and necessary, and requires collective and organized efforts. MAS Youth Division has established dozens of chapters led by well-trained youth workers.

Long Term Vision

MYD as a division of MAS is giving roots, nurturing, and establishing organized and efficient, movement oriented, Islamic work amongst all segments of Muslim youth based on the comprehensive understanding of Islam.

MYD as a division of MAS

This means that the youth work is merely a part of the overall organization. It is not a separate entity, nor will it take on any characteristics as such. People do not join MYD; they join MAS. MYD does not sponsor activities, MAS does.

Is giving roots, nurturing, and establishing

This means that our work involves imparting tarbiya to the youth, through murabbis and not merely teaching youth Islamic knowledge. This tarbiya aims to establish organized and efficient, movement oriented, Islamic work and nothing less. Not only must we be organized, but we must be efficient as well, a characteristic that unfortunately we seem to have lost over time. And this work should be Islamic movement oriented, i.e. work that will help move us into the future, and break our stagnation and decline.

Amongst all segments of Muslim youth

This means that we will not fall prey to nationalism or racism and work with only a segment of the Muslim population. This is critical to the survival of our da’wah in North America that our members are truly North American, and not simply people transplanted from other parts of the world, unable to fully convey the message to the masses.

Based on the comprehensive understanding of Islam.

This defines the balanced path that our Creator has chosen for us, as He (swt) reminds us in Surah Al Baqarah: “Thus have We made you a just and balanced nation, that you may be witnesses over mankind, and the Messenger be a witness over you” (2:143)

Mission Statement

To develop committed Muslim youth capable of spreading and giving root to the comprehensive understanding of Islam, and to prepare them to be at the forefront in the development of their communities.

In our view, the tarbiya produces the personality of the “true Muslim activist” described by the Messenger, peace be upon him, when he said, “People are like a hundred camels, you can hardly find amongst them one rahila (one capable of sustaining energy throughout a long and arduous journey).” We want to produce al-Rawaahil. Our objective is that within 8-10 years all of the youth work is transferred to a new generation of du’aa who are part of the fabric of this society but are the embodiment of the understanding of MAS methodology.

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