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Youth Muslim Youth Program
MAS methodology and programs have always attracted Muslim youth. And after a short transition period, MAS is once again a hub for youth who aspire to fulfill all their potential and who are not satisfied with occasional and/or nominal participation in Islamic (community) activities/functions: those who subscribe to the...


University Islamic American University
The Islamic American University is an institution for education, training, Da'wa and studies in the fields of Islamic Shari'a, its fundamentals, linguistics, and sciences. The Islamic American University is a subsidiary of the Muslim American Society (MAS); it is one of MAS main projects. IAU aims at grooming distinguished...



Magazine Muslim American Society Magazine
New Magazine issued by the Muslim American Society. Click above to read and subscribe to this magazine. It is the voice of MAS and an outlet for MAS divisions and affiliate organizations. Through its variety of sections, The American Muslim Magazine presents the comprehensive and balanced understanding of Islam...



Tarbiyya What is Tarbiya
The word "Tarbiya" is an Arabic word that linguistically means the increase, growth, and loftiness. Conventionally, Tarbiya means the development and the training of people in various aspects. The word is commonly used to describe children upbringing as the parents provide them with physical, educational, moral and...



Da'wa What is Da'wa
Dawa means invitation. As followers of God’s final and universal message, Muslims are required to propagate the message and invite all people to Islam (i.e., to submit to the One God). Such outreach and public education efforts should be conducted with wisdom and beautiful preaching. The purpose of dawa is to ensure that people get the proper message and truth about Islam.


Islamic Centers
Islamic Centers The National Council of Islamic Centers
The Muslim American Society (MAS) launched the National Council of Islamic Centers in December 2002 at the joint MAS-ICNA convention in Chicago. The purpose of the National Council of Islamic Centers is to empower our community by improving the level of organization through better coordination and pooling...


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